Everything you need to know about EVOO Picual

Everything you need to know about EVOO Picual

In this post, we detail the organoleptic, nutritional, culinary and agronomic characteristics of EVOO Picual. By Fontclara.

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PICUAL extra virgin olive oil is produced with an olive variety of the same name,
typically native to the lands of Jaén, although today it is one of the
most widespread varieties in Spain.
It is estimated that more than one million hectares of this olive are cultivated in the world.
Of these, 850,000 are in Spain. That's partly because it's particularly easy to grow.
Its trees are very vigorous, with short branches, very resistant to frost, sensitive to drought and excessively
calcareous soils. They have high productivity.

Picual olives are medium in size and have a slightly pointed shape at the bottom
of the fruit.
They have a high yield in the production of olive oil: more or less 27% of their weight. Of course, the EVOO harvesting and elaboration is more
delicate, since this fruit has a very thin skin and a pulp of medium/low consistency,
which causes unacceptable sensory nuances to appear in the oil if it
is not worked. carefully. For this reason, one of the main characteristics of the Fontclara farm is that
we collect the olives by hand and in a traditional way, in addition to carrying out the entire
process of making Picual extra virgin olive oil: from the green harvest
to the selection, pressed in Mori mill, and the traffic jam.
This is how we guarantee the best quality, flavor and virtues of our product.
Picual extra virgin olive oil is also one of the most consumed nationally
It is a full-bodied, powerful oil that makes its presence known. It stands out from other varieties for its bitterness and spiciness. In the case of the Picual extra virgin olive oil
from Fontclara , being from an early harvest, herbaceous aromas can be found in it,
such as olive leaves, grass, fig trees and tomato.

extra virgin olive oil olive Picual FontclaraIts high oleic acid content makes it highly recommended for people with
high cholesterol.
Helps reduce bad cholesterol and increase good. In addition, since it also has high levels of polyphenols, it reduces the oxidation of fats in
the bloodstream.
At a culinary level, it is very stable to oxidation and rancidity.
It is recommended to store it in a dry place, protected from light and at room temperature.
For this reason, picual olive oil is the best for cooking, especially at high temperatures.
It is ideal for frying, stews, stews and preserves.
But it also works very well raw, as a salad dressing, or to accompany mild flavored dishes such as fish, mayonnaise,
sauces or desserts.