Orange, EVOO and almond cake with the aroma of orange blossoms 

Orange, EVOO and almond cake with the aroma of orange blossoms 

The wonderful chef of flowers, Iolanda Bustos, exclusively shares one of her sweet recipes with EVOO. And it's delicious!

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“Some recipes evoke memories of the past, and if at the same time they transport you to a familiar destination, the emotion is felt in each bite. This is what happens with this orange, orange blossom, almond and EVOO tart... which pays homage to Andalusia and my grandparents. How lucky to be able to interpret this sweet recipe at the Zanotelli estate of Fontclara EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL , with its excellent Picual and the flowers from its wonderful garden”. By Iolanda Bustos.


  • 3 whole boiled organic oranges with skin
  • 200 grams of brown sugar
  • 150 gr of almond flour
  • 150 gr oat flakes
  • 50 ml of EVOO Picual Fontclara
  • 5 whole eggs
  • 10 fresh orange blossoms or a tablespoon of orange blossom water
  • 2 grams of salt
  • Optional, the chocolate coating: melt 180 gr of dark chocolate and 30 ml of EVOO Argudell de Fontclara. You can also introduce chocolate chips into the dough before baking. If you want it gluten-free, you can replace the oats with more almond flour.

Iolanda Bustos' cake with EVOO Fontclara.

Step by Step:

  1. Chop the boiled orange, the skin and the pulp with a knife or a food processor, removing the seeds and the white part. 
  2. In a large bowl, add the sugar and eggs. Mix well and continue with the rest of the ingredients. For this recipe, the best EVOO is the Picual variety , which is an early harvest, just like Fontclara.
  3. Prepare a 25 cm mold lined with baking paper and pour all the dough evenly.
  4. Bake the dough at 160 degrees for 45 minutes. 
  5. Being a cake with a lot of humidity, the trick to know if it is ready is just that the surface cracks. And that it has a toasty color on top.  
  6. When you take the cake out of the oven, place it on a rack to release its steam. This cake keeps perfect for many days, that is if it arrives and you don't eat it before! I suggest that you spray it with a splash of the same oil before eating, you will touch heaven with pleasure!
  7. It also supports freezing. You can cover it with dark chocolate cream and extra virgin olive oil, melting the chocolate with a small glass of EVOO, sensational!