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Located in the foothills of the Iberian town of Ullastret, in the Baix Empordà - Costa Brava region, olive trees have been to this day one of the most appreciated legacies in our Mediterranean culture where olive oil has been used to preserve food, to cooking and even for health for its properties.

With more than 4,000 olive trees, most of them hundred years old, we elaborate after passing a meticulous selection process, an exclusive oil with a refined and fruity taste, to the delight of well-known chefs.

23 hectares of olive groves on favorable lands that add character and uniqueness to the final product. We work our fields without haste waiting for the optimum point of ripening of the olives.


Looking for excellence in our oils

When it comes to olives, the term oil occupies a secondary place in my terminology. I prefer to talk about olive juice, its high quality when slowly cold pressed, its fruity notes and its high content of polyphenols so beneficial to our health.

Move our Argudell oil in the glass as you taste a good wine. Smell and taste the oil on your paladrar, only then will you understand my statement. You will understand the high quality of the green-golden olive and enjoy the lively aromas and flavors without restrictions: banana, green tomato, artichoke?
let yourself be carried away by the sensations ...

Roland zanotelli


Cold extraction in our oil mill

We extract the juice of the arbequina and argudell varieties in a traditional way, exclusively from our olive groves, with this we ensure a rigorous production control to achieve one liter of superior category extra virgin olive oil for every 8 kg of olives, through the cold extraction process and natural decantation.

The result is a liquid gold with soft and velvety tones, with a fruity aftertaste, reminiscent of apple, banana and almond, which make it an elegant oil in the kitchen and on the table.

We pack practically to order to preserve its qualities.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our own fields and cold pressed in our oil mill

Our oils are internationally awarded for their quality, good taste and high content of polyphenols

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