Four recipes to replace other fats with olive oil

Four recipes to replace other fats with olive oil

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Everything (or almost everything) can be cooked with olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is one of those all-round ingredients that goes well with any dish, both raw and fried, at the table, in stews... In fact, it can even be used in many recipes that traditionally use other fats. , which will give them a different touch while allowing us to enjoy the numerous nutritional benefits of this jewel of the Mediterranean diet.


Some examples? Here are just four, but there are many more!


More and more people are betting on replacing butter with extra virgin olive oil to make béchamel. In croquettes, in lasagna, with pasta... A good bechamel sauce prepared with extra virgin olive oil, flour and milk goes well with any dish, and this recipe allows us to replace the saturated fats in butter with the unsaturated fats in extra virgin olive oil. . The oil, in addition, provides a unique flavor, far from the more lactic touch that butter sometimes gives and that may bother many in some dishes. If the béchamel is still too lactic for us, we can always use our imagination and play with the ingredients: use chickpea flour instead of flour or replace the milk with a vegetable drink. For a different and super light béchamel, nothing better than using vegetable broth to taste, extra virgin olive oil and spelled, rye or whole wheat flour, for example.


Extra virgin olive oil is the best friend of home baking, and a good example is the classic yogurt cake that is made in practically every home and for which every master has his booklet. "Olive oil provides preparations such as biscuits with extraordinary sponginess, much more than sunflower oil, as well as vitamins and antioxidants, so that the pieces hold up better," explains chef Iolanda Bustos. The cook recommends using Arbequina olive oil, which adds a fruity touch to cakes and pastries.

Vegetable cream

Bustos has a secret that makes the difference in vegetable creams: extra virgin olive oil. “It doesn't matter what the cream is: if we add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil right at the end, it will emulsify super well and be creamier,” he explains. In fact, in many recipes it is indicated that, before boiling them, the vegetables are sautéed in butter: extra virgin olive oil can also be used for this, which will give them a Mediterranean touch.


Strawberries with cream? Yes, of course, but what if we innovate and bet on strawberries with extra virgin olive oil? The result will be surprising (and addictive): Replacing the cream with a touch of extra virgin olive oil gives you the feeling that you are eating strawberries with cream, thanks to its smoothness on the palate, as well as the many nuances of the oil. Olive oil goes wonderfully with strawberries.