Our history

Fontclara’s story is a case of love at first sight. The story of Roland Zanotelli’s love for Empordà, its landscape, flora, tradition, land and gastronomy. And of course, its olive groves.

Zanotelli has always been passionate about botany, art and cuisine, and when he came to the region, he was hooked. He decided to turn his dream into a reality and set about laying his roots in this beautiful place. To him, this was a place that captured the values of the Mediterranean spirit like no other. His love for the centuries-old trees he found in the Palau Sator estate would ultimately create Fontclara extra virgin olive oil, with Arbequina and Argudell varieties.

Intrepid to the core, and an indefatigable entrepreneur, he at once began to sell Fontclara olive oil worldwide. A unique and singular collection, bound by the seasons, which has been well-received and praised on the international gourmet scene to great critical acclaim. Fontclara oil already holds a number of international awards. And, most importantly, it has the endorsement of its loyal followers, all eager to introduce the essence of the Empordà to their palate.

The estate boundaries are increasing year-on-year, increasing the amount of olive oil produced, and in the future we’re set to add further complementary products to the Fontclara catalogue. But that’s another story.

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