For a World Earth Day more committed than ever 

For a World Earth Day more committed than ever 

For a World Earth Day more committed than ever with EVOO Fontclara

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Beyond words, promises and greenwashing , World Earth Day is celebrated with deeds. With real actions and commitments that demonstrate awareness and generate a positive impact for our planet. Because we know that the future is sustainable or it will not be. And Fontclara knows it very well : that is why it is a pioneering project in terms of sustainability.

Nuri Torrent, director of Fontclara , reveals to us in a brief interview the company's involvement in caring for the land, a commitment that also goes far beyond producing an ecological EVOO from km0.

How is your link and commitment to the territory? 

Our link and commitment to the territory is total. We are clear that in order to achieve the proposed objective of producing the best olive oil we need to take maximum care of our crops and this is transferred to our territory. Year after year we are improving our cultivation techniques, minimizing intervention in the field and maximizing the improvement of the environment.

What does it mean for you and for nature to produce organic oil? 

For us we do not see any other way than to produce an oil within a sustainable and ecological framework. What's more, we take many more steps than the ecological regulations dictate to improve our crops, our soil and our environment. And this is reflected in the product achieved and we also see it reflected in consumers and everyone who visits us and participates in the project.

Do you carry out activities to care for the land and vegetation in the area? 

Yes and so much. For a long time we have focused on caring for the land, on improving its fertility and biodiversity. We have a perennial plant cover on all the farms that helps us minimize erosion, loss of organic matter, increases biodiversity, helps us with compaction problems, etc... And we use organic fertilizers of animal and vegetable origin to fertilize the soil. floor.  

We also keep all the margins of the farms alive, to increase all the existing biodiversity of the environment. We have fruit trees interspersed with our olive trees to minimize the effect of monoculture and improve the environmental conditions of the farms.

Other projects or initiatives in which you collaborate to promote care for the planet?

We are in a project to calculate the atmospheric carbon in our farms through our perennial vegetation cover, which is working by collecting atmospheric carbon, CO₂, and incorporating it into the soil, in order to contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

For a few years, we have installed underground irrigation, which allows us to save up to 40% of water compared to conventional drip irrigation, to minimize this consumption. We are also in a conversion to be energetically sustainable from sunlight. We are currently at 90% efficiency and all our farms are irrigated with solar energy.

How do you see yourself in the future, would you like to acquire new commitments?

Yes, we are constantly thinking about what options and challenges we can set ourselves to be pioneers in the production of top-quality olive oil and be a model of business sustainability.