Century-old olive trees in
a privileged area
of ​​the Costa Brava

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Fontclara, a story
of passion and love

Fontclara's story is that of a love affair. That of Roland Zanotelli with Empordà, with its landscape, flora, tradition, gastronomy, and, of course, its olive trees.

From this love affair with the century-old olive trees that he found planted on the estate in the municipality of Palau-Sator, Fontclara extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) was born, using Arbequina, Picual, Fantoio and Argudell varieties.

A tireless entrepreneur, he immediately began to sell Fontclara oil around the world. A unique olive oil, with limited production, which has been welcomed and praised by international gourmets and critics alike.

Indeed, EVOO Fontclara has already won numerous international awards and, more importantly, has a loyal following who are ever eager to taste the essence of Empordà.

An extension of land, which is increasing year after year, will allow an increase in production, and, in the future, the addition of complementary products in the Fontclara catalog.

But that will be another story...

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Sustainability and innovation: Fontclara's DNA

The farm's sustainable approach is a hallmark of Fontclara. The extra virgin olive oil is produced in a respectful and ecological way, under the supervision of the Consell Català de la Producció Agrària Ecològica, which guarantees compliance with the required regulations.

Currently some 8,000 olive trees are grown on 60 hectares of land, many of them more than a hundred years old. The varieties of olives are Arbequina, Picual, Argudell and Fantoio (the latter is not yet in production), of which only the best specimens are kept after a meticulous manual selection process.

They are processed immediately after harvest in our Italian Mori oil mill, using the latest technology to maintain the best quality.

What is special about our cold pressed extra virgin olive oil?

Passion for the best product

Fontclara EVOO is made from our own harvest, organic and cold-pressed in our own mill using natural decantation. In short: all the ingredients for a premium EVOO that will make a difference to any dish.

Own harvest

It is made with the best olives that come from century-old olive trees in Empordà, hand selected to always achieve the highest quality.

An extraordinary elixir

Fontclara's two monovarietals (Arbequina and Argudell) have won awards at the most prestigious international competitions.

The production of Fontclara extra virgin olive oils

The olives of the Arbequina, Picual, Fantoio and Argudell varieties are harvested green at the end of September or the beginning of October. Only the best olives are kept, after a meticulous manual selection process, to avoid any alteration in the nuances of the oil.

They are immediately processed in the farm's own oil mill, where it is stored in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, and only bottled on demand.

In this way, the entire production process of Fontclara extra virgin olive oil takes place on the farm itself and directly after harvest, thus guaranteeing the preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the best extra virgin olive oil.

Awards and honors

The Fontclara team

The Fontclara team has a common goal, which goes far beyond producing the best extra virgin olive oil: teaching and sharing all the secrets about this oil and its territory with all those who share this passion with Roland Zanotelli, founder of Fontclara, and Nuri Torrent, brand director.

That is why the Swiss businessman immediately made his farm available to host experiences related to this elixir, in a warm and friendly environment, as we are welcomed in his own home. “Our goal is not only to sell a product, but also to spread the word about an oil and a territory that we are truly passionate about,” Zanotelli points out.