More gold for Fontclara extra virgin olive oil

More gold for Fontclara extra virgin olive oil

The wonderful Fontclara EVOOs have been recognized by the prestigious ZHAW – Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

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Roland Zanotelli, his team and their wonderful EVOO Fontclara have been recognized with new awards , this time particularly emotional. Specifically, while the FONTCLARA ARGUDELL oil has obtained a Gold medal, the ARBEQUINA oil has been awarded the Bronze by a panel of independent experts from the ZHAW - Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Department of Life Sciences and Facilities Management, Institute for Food and Beverage Innovation and the Sensor Technology research group. They all use scientific methods to carry out tests that show which oils can truly be described as “excellent”.

There are many determining factors for an olive oil to receive such awards: the olives must be harvested at the optimum moment, they must be immediately pressed using the most modern systems, and they must be filtered and bottled in the absence of light and oxygen. Only those who work with the highest standards, passion and precision can expect the best quality. The fact that the farm only works according to ecological organic standards is a requirement of Roland Zanotelli, owner of the farm established in Fontclara, in the heart of the Empordà (Catalonia).

This award has been particularly gratifying for Rolland Zanotelli, since he is a Swiss national, specifically from Basel. He was the one who discovered Fontclara decades ago, the place he fell in love with and where he decided to carry out his most precious project: caring for the land, growing olive trees in a sustainable and ecological way, and producing the best olive oil in the world. International critics have surrendered to his EVOO, and year after year he reaps new awards, while increasing his production. Currently, it has more than 60 hectares of land and more than 12,500 olive trees for the production and sale of high-quality olive oil.

Satisfied that his work is paying off, Roland Zanotelli stated: “As a businessman, one strives for quick profits. Working with the olive trees, some of which are very old, has taught me that the best results require time, heart and soul." By reaching the whole world with his oil, he not only wants to sell his product, but also to make his second home known, the Finca Fontclara in El Empordà.